How to win in Keno

How to win in Keno? Lottery Secrets

Centuries have passed and during this time there have been many different gaming techniques, including serious mathematical models involved in the study of game tactics. 

Tips from real winners

Players who won real money in the Keno lottery say that according to their observations, it is worth analyzing only the card of the last 10-50 draws, where you will be able to note a certain logic and patterns. Older draw results will only scatter your attention. Also from their recommendations it is useful to take the following lesson: during one or two dozen draws the system should be tested and only afterwards play for amounts that can bring significant profit.

Some winners say that they win only when they get away from all their serious calculations and do not even think about the tactics of the game, enjoying the passive excitement of a simple game. But the winnings in such cases are often small.

You can follow various tips: 

  • Choose one number from each dozen numbers, write down the numbers of cars passing by, or even use the numbers of banknotes, but you should always listen to your intuition and even consider your mood at the time of betting.
  • A sensible tip is not to play while drunk. It is also desirable to choose such an Internet cafe, where the energy of the place and even the cashier of the terminal itself inspires you to play. 
  • And if you count on a professional game with decent winnings, it’s still worth spending time studying the mathematical foundations of lotteries, probability theories and combinatorics of numbers.

The theory of probability and betting on the outcome of a reverse event

First and foremost, it is important to note that in lotteries, the results of draws are completely unrelated and random numbers are always generated. According to probability theory, you can hope for an even distribution of the dropped balls and bet on numbers that have not yet dropped in previous draws. This method is called “Reverse Event Betting”. In a reverse scenario, only select numbers that appear frequently or even similar numbers. For example, if ball number 30 falls out, then 31 has a high chance of falling out in a given draw.

D’Alamber and Martingale Method

This method is popular in all types of gambling, be it lottery or roulette, because it works even for small amounts. It consists of constantly increasing the bets after losing. Thus, in each future game, the previous loss will be compensated in case of victory. In the case of winning, respectively, the bets should decrease.

The strategy “Row of numbers” or “The Dogon”

German progressive strategy Keno and other gambling, based on increasing the bet after losing so as to win back the losing bet in cash. This is a more moderate game scheme than the Martingale scheme, but still quite risky. First, the player chooses the amount of planned winnings and the time in which he has to achieve it. In the case of winning, the player reduces the bet by 2 numbers, and the game without the desired result, he adds one number.

In the “catch-up” strategy, players bet on the same numbers until they fall out. It is also necessary to calculate each next bet amount, but not just double it, unlike the “Row of numbers”, the formula depends on the previous win or loss.

As you can see, if you make an effort and learn different methods of play, you can achieve good results, or at least have fun and not boring time, because Keno lottery is now played all over the world!

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